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Provide a voice for investors and RIAs

We speak up on issues that could impact people's ability to save, trade, invest, and financially plan for the future. Our focus is to bring about, and preserve, greater transparency, affordability, objectivity, and choice in the financial services industry.

Influence public policy

Our Government Relations team is dedicated to identifying issues that matter to our stakeholders—and taking action on them. Their main mission is to educate policymakers about how proposed rules and legislation might impact the financial industry, our business, and our clients.

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Our role in the political process

While respectful of the right of individuals to voice their opinions on matters of political interest, we do not advocate for the election, re-election, or defeat of political candidates. Any personal political activities or views of stockholders, board members, associates, and affiliates are their own and should not be considered those of the company.

We do, however, maintain a small federal political action committee ("PAC") that is funded in accordance with applicable federal law on a voluntary basis by employees of the company. Funds are used to further our advocacy efforts and are not used to endorse candidates for public office.

Build confidence through education

We're committed to helping everyone—from first-time investors to sophisticated traders—make smarter, more disciplined financial decisions.

Deliver free educational curriculum

One of the most important assets an investor can have is knowledge. With unlimited access to free videos, online courses, timely articles, real-time paper trading, platform demos, in-person events, webcasts, and streaming TD Ameritrade Network programming produced by our media affiliate, clients can learn what they want, when they want, on a wide range of investing, trading, and financial planning topics. Our education platform provides customized learning experiences, using artificial intelligence (AI) to organize and categorize the content we offer, and recommends resources based on individual preference.

Bring trading into the classroom

We believe in preparing the next generation of investors, so we created
TD Ameritrade U to help professors at colleges and universities bring real-world trading experience into their classrooms—at no cost. Students can grow their trading knowledge by seeing how theories taught in class play out in actual market conditions, using paperMoney® on the thinkorswim® trading platform.

Inspire young people to succeed

Understanding that educational needs extend beyond the market, employees from our nationwide branches work with Junior Achievement to help ready students for the global economy. Programs that focus on workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy inspire students and help them make more informed economic decisions.

Innovate without limits

In order for innovation to thrive, it needs an ecosystem with the right conditions. By eliminating the limitations that can hold back a company of our size, we can freely challenge the status quo, to cultivate new ways of thinking and inspire new ways of doing.

Build an innovative culture

Any employee who comes forward with a way to improve the investor experience can make it a reality. Our employees are given the opportunities and tools to develop, share, and implement new ideas, products, and services—even if it means failing and going back to the drawing board. It's all part of learning, growing, and quickly delivering what clients need.

Rethink investing

Technology continues to transform how we live our lives and plan for the future. And that includes investing. By dedicating advanced teams and significant resources to explore emerging technologies, we're quickly bringing new innovations to market on our own and through third-party partnerships. Together with Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, and WeChat, we're making our products and services accessible in channels that didn't exist before, and going where our clients already are.

Bring products to market—fast

Being at the cutting edge of innovation isn't just important, it's essential. Our Agile development methods allow us to bring the right mix of people together to do things faster, but thoughtfully. The result: We can speed up processes and increase product development at an exceptional pace, while making the right decisions for our clients, company, and shareholders.

TD Ameritrade, Inc. and all third-parties mentioned are separate unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other's services or policies.

Inspiring employees to be their best selves

Find out what motivates associates in their personal commitment to transforming lives.

Fostering inclusion within our walls, and beyond

Understand how different styles, approaches, and viewpoints work together to enhance our culture.

Doing our part to protect the environment

See how we take action to reduce our impact on the planet.