On May 1, 1975, the investing industry changed in a big way. The SEC allowed brokerage firms to set their own commission prices for buying and selling stock. While established Wall Street firms believed that no one would break ranks and lower prices, a handful of mavericks, including our founder Joe Ricketts, did.

TD Ameritrade opened its doors as First Omaha Securities. From day one, we built a business model that put investors' needs first, not our own. We've been on a mission to disrupt the industry ever since. This means more than removing the cost barrier. It means making investing accessible, understandable, and valuable. For everyone.

In the nearly 45 years since we began, our company has grown and changed significantly. But we've never lost sight of the innovative spirit that's at our core.

For the clients, associates, and independent Registered Investment Advisors who choose to work with us, as well as the communities and shareholders we serve, that means we'll keep pushing the limits of what's possible. We'll keep looking for ways to make a meaningful impact in the industry and beyond. We believe in our collective power to transform lives and investing for the better.